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Dog Training

As professional, certified and experienced trainers we can help with your dog training needs: from teaching manners and control, to providing puppy advice, to eliminating severe behavioural problems including aggression...and everything in between!


We provide one-on-one dog training throughout the Lower Mainland of BC. We also consider telephone or Skype training sessions for those living elsewhere, on a case by case basis. 

Types of training we offer:

Private Training

Our Private Training sessions are just you, your dog and a trainer. We will customize the program and work on tackling the specific problems you and your dog are having.

We offer Private Training in packages of six 1-hour sessions. In each session we work on a problem area such as distractions, reactivity, selective hearing, and aggression. You are sent home with homework, and we review the following week. Our training sessions are available on weekdays and Sundays.

$900 for six sessions

“I tried many different training centers and many different trainers. The private sessions offered by A Capable Dog were the ones that changed our lives! Can’t recommend enough.”   ~ Sue and “Red”

“If you are looking for a trainer that explains concepts in a clear and concise way, and who will build a bond of trust between you and your dog, then Mary is the trainer for you.”   ~ Dennis and “Alder”


Four-Week Board & Train

You don’t need to be a professional dog trainer to own and handle a well-trained dog – let us do the ground work for you! 


Just like it sounds, with this package your dog comes to board with us for four weeks and receives customized training daily. At the end of the four weeks, you (and your family) receive three private lessons to ensure everyone is confident handling their newly obedient dog!

Prior to booking your dog for our Board & Train option, we’ll have a consultation to discuss your needs. A personalized plan will be designed, and desired goals, commands and behaviours will be identified.      


While boarding with us, your dog will receive: several custom training sessions per day, the right balance of exercise and play, and a significantly better understanding of the obedience commands necessary to be successful in your family.

Here are the basics we teach all dogs, in addition to your specific needs:


  • Formal heel – This is an excellent command to ensure you and your dog get out walking enjoyably and safely.

  • Loose leash walking – This command allows your dog a little more leeway to enjoy their environment, but pulling is not allowed.

  • Sit – Your dog will follow your command with precision and commitment.

  • Stay – Your dog will remain in place until you give him additional commands.

  • Down – This command is so incredibly useful. We create a strong and reliable down, allowing you the freedom to place your dog in this position to take the groceries out of the car or sit outside the coffee shop.

  • Come – We will teach this command so your dog understands coming to you is a wonderful and fun exercise.


  • Wait nicely when people come to your home 

  • Go to a mat and lay down – this allows you to make dinner, watch tv, etc. while your dog is in a controlled exercise.

  • Stay off of people and counters 

  • Remain focused around distractions such as other dogs, street noise, toys, etc.

We can do in four weeks what will take most owners years to learn and practice. Quite simply, we have the time and expertise you may not!

Please note your dog must be over six months of age and our consultation must find him a suitable candidate for this program.

Cost for this program is $2500 for four weeks, and includes three private lessons before the dog re-enters the home

"I had called and interviewed several companies regarding different types of training for my German Shepherd that was, at 14 months, very excitable, always getting into something. Within the first few minutes Mary was exactly what I was looking for. She gave me a few different options. The one I chose was to have my dog go to what I call BOOT CAMP. I was trained to understand and as well be consistent with no mixed messages for my dog’s obedience. I picked up my dog after the training was over, and I could not believe my dog’s disposition, obedience, calmness and the way she listened to me. I cannot thank Mary enough for her knowledge of training. Mary, THANK YOU. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!   ~ Gordon and "Bella"  

Training Evaluation

You know you need help with your dog, but you just aren't sure how or what to do. That’s where our Training Evaluation comes in.


During this 1-hour session, we will meet with you and observe your dog and your interactions with him. We will assess your dog’s temperament, his motivation, and training methods best suited for him. We will provide you a written recommendation based on our findings, outlining the best way to move forward and achieve your goals.

$135 including a written report

“I hired Mary to perform a training evaluation for me and my dog to see how to best spend our limited training budget. We got good useful advice and it gave me a clear direction. It was money well spent and Mary is a super trainer.”   ~ Luis and "Mckenzie"



One-Time Puppy Session

Getting a new puppy? Want to start off on the best foot possible? Raising your pup correctly will pay dividends down the road. In this one-on-one session our trainer will help you understand your puppy’s nature and needs, and you’ll have the foundation for a positive relationship that will last a lifetime.

Puppy Sessions cover: house breaking, bite inhibition, chewing, appropriate toys, socialization, the "come" command, and introduction to obedience using age-appropriate techniques.

This 1-hour session is done in your home and is customized to your particular needs and questions.  

$135 for this super starter

“This is the 2nd puppy we’ve had Mary help us with. We find her information useful and easy to understand and follow. Our pup learnt so much faster when we presented the information correctly. Thanks again Mary!”   ~ Lynn and “Casper”


Ready to start working with an internationally certified trainer with over 20 years’ experience?


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