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Katie & Erik and "Kobie" (Vancouver)

We discovered Mary upon recommendation of our regular trainer. We needed someone who was skilled enough with “challenging” dogs to board our dog (Kobie, a highly strung Aussie Shepherd) for our holidays. Mary was this and more! Kobie stayed with her once for a 3-day weekend and then we enrolled him in the board and train 4-week program. We can honestly say that throughout the 4 weeks he was with Mary, we did not have a moment of worry. She was open, honest and extremely approachable during the time that he was with her. She answered all our queries promptly and really eased our minds.


Upon returning it was obvious the bond that had grown between her and Kobie: he loved her and most importantly respected her but still retained that excitement to see us. His manners were impeccable and all in all he was a much calmer, more balanced dog than the one we had left with her. The 4 training classes were fun, comfortable and extremely valuable with us leaving feeling confident that we could continue the training at home.


Kobie will forever return to Mary whenever we need to board him and we do not hesitate to recommended Mary to anyone who has a dog that needs boarding and/or training.

Donald and "Rocky' (Waterloo)

My wife and I recently purchased a pure bred German Shepherd and it has been many many years since we had a large dog. We have a small poodle cross, but bringing a new pup into our lives was a decision we didn’t take lightly. We knew Mary from previous training and trusted her guidance and her skills. We are not local and getting together for private or group classes was not possible. We were delighted to find out we could actually do a telephone consultation and get the answers we need to raise our pup properly. We schedule a weekly consultation and by the end of the conversation we have the tools to proceed and homework to complete for our next conversation. We have downloaded skype so we have access to video if we need it. Actually we did use it last time and it really helped. Thank you for your help.

Joanne and "Tima" (Burnaby)

Use this trainer if you want the best. I really really recommend Mary for any training needs you have. My husband wanted a large dog and I didn’t want any dog actually! After working with Mary and using her training techniques, it turns out I love the dog more than my husband (just joking, I love them equally!).

David and "Sanyo" (South Surrey)

A Capable Dog is punctual, professional and reliable. I highly recommend them. My dog comes home from boarding with them tired, happy and always ready to go back. Thanks Mary!

Gordon and "Bella"  (West Vancouver)

I had called and interviewed several companies regarding different types of training for my German Shepherd that was, at 14 months, very excitable, always getting into something... and needless to say quite difficult regarding simply everything. Take note that this was not my first dog (was my 5th), so I was used to normal challenges, puppy-hood in general, and training with patience and time. I was so pleased with meeting Mary and within the first few minutes Mary was exactly what I was looking for. Talk about relief! I found my Dog Whisperer here locally and superior to any other competitor, if you wish to call them that. Let alone, honest, compassionate, understanding and as well extremely affordable considering the services rendered. Some of my concerns were and not limiting to were as follows: jumping up all over me and my guests continuously, jumping up in between my loved one and myself like a jealous dominant dog, nipping and licking me everywhere, not coming when her name was called, always pulling on the chain wanting to lead, urinating every time I came to touch her, jumping continuously on the couch and counters etc. I thought wow, this dog is absolutely too challenging, and what can I do and where do I start? 


The decision was easy after speaking with Mary. She gave me a few different options. The one I chose was to have my dog go to which I call BOOT CAMP for 4 weeks as there were many different challenges in front of the both of us and we needed to get started right away. During this time I visited, observed and was trained to understand and as well be consistent with no mixed messages for my dog's obedience.  I picked up my dog after the training was over. I could not believe my dog's disposition, obedience, calmness and the way she listened to me. I was so pleased that this was like a dream and just like the reality shows. I cannot thank Mary enough for her knowledge of training. I was so pleased and impressed that this was my dog.


You under-promised and over-delivered. You are one stop shopping for everything.

Joanne and "Charly" (Vancouver)

I was thoroughly impressed with Mary's work with my dog, Charley, and her coaching of me as her owner. Charley stayed with Mary in her "board and train program" and I worked with Mary in four lessons. The difference she has made in Charley is remarkable! From an easily excitable, headstrong young dog, Charley has turned into a calmer, attentive and responsive dog. Mary didn't change the sweet loving nature of my dog; she just taught her some boundaries and used her smartness to help her focus and respond to commands. I learned so much in my sessions with Mary: about taking control, about correcting when appropriate, and about how and when to intervene before Charley gets overly excited. Through all the learning I was struck not only by Mary's knowledge and talent for working with dogs, but by her patience and willingness to work with my weaknesses. I left each session feeling positive about the changes I was seeing in Charley, and increasingly confident in my ability to work well with my dog. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking for an amazing trainer!!!!!!!


She is also someone who is great fun to spend time with. She is able to impart her insightful observations in a kind and motivating way.


I truly enjoyed the training sessions and I absolutely loved the positive changes in my relationship with my beloved dog :) 

Karl & family and "Murray" (Burnaby)

My wife and I have two teenage boys, and a year ago we rescued a year-old Shepherd. My wife said we had nine months to prepare when the boys were born but with our dog Murray, we had a day. We went to see him at the SPCA and the next day he was our new family member. After almost a year of reading books on dog behaviour and various ways of training and trying to find the right trainer, we met Mary. 


She was a god send. We love our dog like we love our kids, and I’d want the best for our kids so we were lucky to find the best trainer for us and Murray. Mary is like the professor at school that everyone respects.  We relish the advice and knowledge that she gives. We train privately, and at the end of each session we feel so empowered and excited about working with Murray. Mary’s demonstrations and analogies allow us to understand our dog and to train him with confidence.


Mary doesn’t train our dog Murray; she teaches us how to train Murray, and expects us to be the best for him.

Thanks Mary and we will be seeing you soon.

Ready to start working with an internationally certified trainer with over 20 years’ experience?


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