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We can help.

We train dogs.

And we help their humans.

We have over 20 years of experience training dogs, from competition obedience to explosive and narcotic detection, and from film and television to assistance and service. We are internationally certified trainers and continually engage in professional development so we stay current with ever-evolving training methodologies. 

Our approach to training is simple:

We use every bit of our experience and knowledge to develop an effective program that will improve not only your dog’s obedience but also the relationship you share.


We are passionate about helping dogs and their humans.

 we believe every dog is a capable dog with the proper training and communication.

Meet Mary.

As a dog behaviour specialist of over 20 years, Mary is passionate about her work and particularly about helping bridge the gap of communication between clients and their dogs. She is an internationally certified trainer and has established herself as an expert in canine training and behaviour in North America, and is regularly contracted by professional organizations when they need advice on dog behaviour and aggression. 

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