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About us

Mary Chaloner,

Owner and Head Trainer

As a dog behaviour specialist, I am passionate about my work and particularly about helping bridge the gap of communication between clients and their dogs. I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Concordia University in Montreal and has been working exclusively with dogs and their owners for over 20 years.

I am an internationally certified trainer and have established myself as an expert in canine training and behaviour in North America, I regularly advise with professional organizations on dog behaviour and aggression. 


Career highlights:

  • Was head animal trainer for the popular TV show, Animal Miracles in over 80 episodes. I appeared on camera several times as a stunt person.

  • Has successfully trained a number of dogs who have been certified and are currently working in explosive and narcotic detection units across North America.

  • Worked in Quebec with an enforcement agency in their highly specialized explosive detection canine unit.

  • Continuing to train diabetic alert service dogs in Canada. I trained the first diabetic Alert Dog to be certified in the province of British Columbia. These dogs are highly trained over many months and are placed with clients with Type 1 diabetes – they are trained to alert on their owners when their blood sugar becomes dangerously high or low. 

  • Have given seminars on the topic of dog aggression and am often the resource used by other trainers when they have a particularly aggressive or difficult case.

  • Spoke at the Vancouver Aquarium's speaker series, "The Psychology of Training". 

  • Owned and operated one of Vancouver's most successful dog boarding and training facilities for over 10 years.

Credentials and training highlights:

  • Is a Certified Obedience Trainer and a Certified Protection Trainer 

  • Is Certified as an Explosives Detection Trainer and Handler both in the USA and Canada: initially at the Vom Kaiserhofe Training Center in Kansas, and then in British Columbia through the JIBC (Justice Institute of BC).

  • Is Validated as an Explosives and Narcotic K9 Handler through the JIBC and the RCMP.

  • Is a member in good standing with the NAPDWA (North American Police Dog Work Association), and has had the privilege of training with American handlers from the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, and the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).

  • Been qualified many times as an expert witness within the province of British Columbia in regard to scent and detection behaviours in canines


Personal accomplishments:

  • I am competitive in the sport of IGP. (IGP, formerly Schutzhund is a very demanding dog sport originating in Germany which tests dogs in obedience, tracking and protection.) I have competed at Regional and National IPO Championships in Canada with her dog "Karl Vom Haus Velipoje" (IPO 3). She was Vice Champion of the Western Region for 2016 and Champion of the Quebec Region for 2017 and in 2018 won the Prairie Regional Championships. Her goal is to compete in the World Championships for Canada.

Check out the video of Mary and "Karl" in competition.



Mary and "Karl" at a BC Regional Schutzhund competition

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